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Scrambler Seat

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Scrambler Seat Yamaha XJR 1200 / XJR 1300

Scrambler Seat as a replacement seat for all XJR Models from Type 4PU to RP19. The seat uses the OEM fitting points. The rear frame has to be shortened by approx. 15cm.

We also offer a bracket for the aluminium rear fender, that also combines the rear ends of the frame. It´s to get stiffnes back to the frame, because the end-connection is cut off.

This seat is made to be combines with the aluminium rear fender, but it´s up to you! You are the designer of your bike and we produce the seat for you! Because there is no central rear light, the bracket also has mounting points for flashers. We use the flasher / brakelight / Rear light combination of Rizoma, Highsider or Kellermann. So you do not have a central rear light.

This seat is completely handcrafted in Germany, this offers us the advantage, to offer many different combinations of colores and seat designs. But this also means, we produce your seat after order! You have to calculate a delivery time of about 3 weeks.

There are 3 different designs offered. Standard black = all black leathers, no stitched seat mould.

Stitched black = all black leathers, (as shown on the photos) stitched seat mould

Colored = you have the option to choose the colores of the leathers. (See example pictures ) Stitched seat mould.

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