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XJR Tuning Catalog 2014

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XJR Tuning Catalog 2014 Download

We proudly present the new XJR Tuning Catalog 2014! 68 pages of XJR Tuning. You will find everything in it. Suspension, Brakes, Chassis-Parts, Fairings, Lights, Optical Parts, Exhausts, Lugguage, Wearing Parts, Tuning and much more!

You not only find a catalog of parts you can buy, similar to our website, we give you much more information about the parts we sell and how they fit your bike and what these parts offer to you.

But there is one think we can´t hide, we only can offer it in german language. We are sorry, that we did not find the time to translate it. So if somebody want´s to translate it for us, don´t hesitate to contact us! We would be happy and also the complete XJR comunity.

If there are some information you do not understand, tell us the part and the number of the part and feel free to ask, in parts we are able to translate it in between.

We also offer the catalog printed in DIN A5.


Download brand new catalog here: XJR Tuning Catalog Nr.5


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XJR Tuning Catalog 2014 (0,00 KB)