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Tuning Kit XJR to 1413cc

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1413 cc Tuning-kit Yamaha XJR 1300 / XJR 1200

1413 cm ³ Tuning-kit Yamaha XJR

The old wisdom about engines has even today continuance! Cubic capacity is to be substituted only with more cubic capacity. Following this wisdom, we have developed a completely new tuning kit for the XJR, which has not existed in this form before. Full 1413 cm ³ are available for the XJR 1300 models. Also for the XJR 1200 this capacity increase is possible, but with a little more effort and using the XJR 1300 cylinders.

The pistons are highly compressing, the compression ratio rises form (OEM) 9.7:1 up to 12.1:1. This improves the tractive effort and the torque considerably.

We take over the complete rebuilding work for you. You can deliver the engine, or also the complete motorcycle to us. The standard cylinder is drilled out and provided with big sleeves. The 4 mm bigger tuning pistons are fitted into these sleeves. This corresponds to a cubic capacity rise of 162 cm ³, because the XJR 1300 engine only has 1251 cm ³, not the full 1300. The higher compression ratio of the pistons and the big cubic capacity give you any sovereignty while driving which was not previously known to the same extent for the XJR. One turn of the throttle and the bike pushes in never known force forward. Where sports motorcycles first gear down 3 times you pull the gas and simply just have brute power.

In the scope of supply of the XJR 1413 cm ³ tuning-kits are included: 4 pistons with piston rings, wrist pins, circlips piston pins, cylinder run tins, cylinder head gasket.

If requested the Tuning-kit can be also delivered to the self-installation.

Many other tuning options can also be combined with our XJR Tuning-Kit. For example Carburetor-Kits, Flat Slide Carburetor, Camshafts, Cylinder head modification and exhaust. Feel free to contact us for more information.