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Light bulb Osram Night Racer PLUS

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Product Price:
€ 38,95 (including 19 % tax)




OSRAM Night Racer Light bulb for headlights

Our own experience has shown it and the test in the magazine about motorcycle headlight bulbs has it in black and white is: brand quality has its price, but also the corresponding power. After a few attempts with some particularly well advertised bulbs with "Xenon effect, 50% more light, etc. from no-name manufacturers we made ​​the decision we throw them all out of the program and trust again foran excellent German brand quality OSRAM. the test clearly shows that the brand pears consistently provide significantly more light and illuminate the road much better than any DIY store bulbs or other great advertised item.


So we go back to the good old "Made in Germany" bulbs with appropriate light output, for your vision and your safety!


This small additional amount, it is all worth it because bought 2 times cheap trashy enough for one to buy quality.


Supplied in blister pack content 2 bulbs!


Technical Description:


OSRAM NIGHT RACER are new high performance lights for motorcycles, which bring with a particularly strong filament up to 90 percent more light on the road.

The effect is that the road is much better illuminated.

Up to 35 meters seems to be the new bulb compared to standard bulbs. Hazards can be clearly seen with the NIGHT RACER already at a great distance. Even when traveling at higher speeds, more time to react.

The patented blue ring coating the outer bulb reduces glare, such as in fog. In addition, it helps to better focus the light beam on the road surface. The up to ten percent whiter and thus more similar to daylight light of the lamp reduces eye fatigue


More light is not â € solution for perfectionists.

For uncompromising riders who want the best, only OSRAM NIGHT RACER comes into question. There is no more effective permissible halogen light for bikes.


- Up to 90% more light on the road (* compared with standard lamps) for best visibility, longer reaction time and highest safety

- Up to 35 m longer beam

- Easier on the eye with up to 10% whiter light * for fatigue-free, comfortable ride

- Approved throughout Europe


model-specific description:
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