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Tuning Kit Yamaha XJR

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Carburetor Kit for Yamaha XJR 1200 and XJR 1300 up to 2006 (RP10)

Barely no motorcycle is more predestinated for tuning steps than the XJR. Power performance from 120 - 150hp are no problem! With easy steps the power can be increased.

Our low price set is kit 1 (picture schows kit 2 for XJR 1200), which increases the power at around 8-10hp. Next step is kit 2, which combines kit 1 and additional open intake air ducts. With this kit 12-15hp increased performance are possible compared to stock. It is to mention that all stock XJR have between 106 and 112hp but not only 98hp like specified.

For RP06 and RP10models also kit 1 and 2 is available. The increase of performance is little bit smaller because this motorcycle has different stock carburetors. But the increased performanceis is significantly to feel. For the assembling of the open intake air ducts is a bracket set for the air box necessary, because the stock air ducts are little bit longer than for XJR up to 2001. These bracket kit is listed here but must be ordered separately. Because the XJR 1300 from 2004 (RP10) is electronically restricted we also offer the non restriction. The so called Powerstick tricks the electronic so you get a huge power increase from the middle speed range.

Part certificate for XJR 1300 99-01, therefore a street legal increased performance (registration necessary)!

An ideal addition to the carburetor kit are the bigger muffler covers because they increase the power and the torque once more!

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