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VAPOR Digital Speedometer

order number. 66-1000

Product Price:
€ 139,90 (including 19 % tax)



Trail Tech VAPOR Digital Speedometer

VAPOR motorycle digital speedometer / tachometer. The motor speed is displayed by a graphic bar and very good readable. All other informations are displayed numerically. The Vapor digital speedometer fits to a variety of motorcycles, quads and ATVs like all other vehicles with wheels. This gauge offers a huge range of useful functions like chronometry, engine temperature, odometer and resetting trip meter. It also features gearshift light and temperature warnings which can be setup individually to prevent engine damage. The build-in stop watch and time counter are good requirements for track use.

The Vapor digital gauge offers all functions to use it as replacement for the standard instrument. Speed, tachometer, time and distance settings, all functions exist. For street use also pilot lights as for example indicator, high beam or neutral are needed, so you can add the well stylish pilot light instrument to the Vapor. This additional instrument surrounds the Vapor and fits perfectly to the design. If necessary please order separately. If these functions are not needed you can also equippe the Vapor with all aluminium-milled and polished protective cases. For every purpose we will find the right case.

Many specialists worked together on this 4th generation of digital speedometer, electronics engineer, software specialist, designer and mechanics. It leads to an excellent instument which not only offers a great design but also the desired reliability and stability. Because this device originally comes from the motocross section the required robustness can be assumed!

Currently we are working on mounting kits for each motorcycle models to make the self assembly as simple as possible. Because the description is very detailed the installation of this universal instrument is also no problem. Required  parts like sensors etc. can be ordered direct from us.

Technische Data:


General Informations:
Length, Width, High: 105 x 50,8 x 20 mm
Weight Computer: about. 72 g
Wheel Perimeter: 0 - 3999mm



* Indication of actual spped, save automatically the maximum speed (bis 399,9 km/h)
* choice between mph oder km/h


* tachometer bar up to 12.000 1/min
* numeric indication up to 20.000 1/min
* programmable gearshift light


* surrounding temperature
* engine temperature
* programmable temperature-warn lights (red LED)
choice between F°/C° indicator


* odometer (with permanent memory)
* trip meter
* choice between miles/km indicator


* time
* stop watch
* trip time (cumulative total trip time, similar to the kilometer, only for time)
* choice between 12/24 hour indicator

Power Supply:

* connection to 12V on-board power supply
* option: to use
with integrated battery independently from on-board power supply!!!!

* complete data backup if disconnected from poer supply. In case of loosing on-board power supply it changes automatically to internal power supply.

Included Accessories:

* mounting brackets for handle bar
* all accessories with speed sensor and magnets
* temperature sensor for the cooling system - connected at the radiator
* all
plugs are water resistant !!!

If connected to the on-board power supply the background light turns on automatically through an impuls of the speed or rpm sensor and switch off after few minutes after parking your motorcycle, if used with the internal battery the light switch off after 4 seconds.

model-specific description:
none available