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Exhaust Modification for Stock Muffler 28mm

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XJR Exhaust Modification for 28mm Outlet Pipe

Because the sound of stock XJR models is very silent, most XJR drivers wish a better sound emphasising the huge displacement. If you don't want to buy a new muffler or a complete exhaust system, you have now with the exhaust modification the possibility to modify your stock muffler so the XJR engine sound like powerful displacement. It sounds deeper and a little bit noisier but still not extrem loud!


This modification is of course without ABE certificate therefore officially not allowed on public roads. By our experience we know that the motorcycle is not so noisy that every policeman or inspector pays attention to these modified exhaust. Even HU or AU doesn't cause any known problems. If you receive some complaints because the inspector looks closely, you can bring back the initial state with some special nozzles. You can order them separately.

The manufacturing quality of the end pipes is high-class and therefore absolut without attracting attention. They are better processed than the stock end pipes.

For the XJR model from 2004 with catalyser you need an additional drilling tool (therefore more expensive). This drilling tool is almost essential for the modification, therfore we suggest to order it always together.

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