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Clutch Spring / Clutch Pressure Plate

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Clutch Spring / Clutch Pressure Plate

A sliding clutch is known by a lot of XJR drivers as serious problem, not only by tuned engines. The too soft spting which is strenghtened by XJR 1300 RP06 can't handle the torque of the XJR. Her is the solution for all sliding clutches: The Barnett clutch pressure plate. It reduces the problem immediately! Normally it is enough to change only the clutch pressure plate with the six separated springs and not also the clutch discs. But if the clutch discs are already used more than 25,000km and the clutch still sliding without changing the clutch pressure plate, then it is recommended to change the clutch discs as well. The shipment enclosed clutch pressure plate with six separated springs.

The reinforced Yamaha clutch spring can also be the solution in most cases, for tuned engines we always recommend Barnett clutch pressure plate.

We supply clutch discs from the Japanes original equipment manufacturer Vesrah because we have the best experience with these parts.

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