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MAB Slip-on Muffler Staineless Steel ABE

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MAB Mufflers / Exhaust Systems

MAB is a small German manufacturer of exhaust systems. The exhaust systems and mufflers are characterized because of their good performance. Unique are the small round mufflers. The mufflers and also the manifolds are completely made out of stainless steel. The DB-killer are removable in all mufllers, but some mufflers have also chambers like XJR and FJR muffler. That leads to high performance at low muffler volume. These systems are not complete open but still a very good sound. If you remove the DB-killer at these exhausts the noisy level will increase at about 3db. Thats a good noise level even for public roads. Incredible sound but not attracting noisy. MAB produces a lot of custom built exhausts therefore some exhausts are individually manufactured for these bikes. You can read these details at the model specific description. If you like to have a custom built exhaust system we also recommend MAB because even these custom builts are possible for street legal registration. Even turbo charged modifications are no serious problems!

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