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Hyperpro Steering Damper Kit

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Hyperpro Steering Damper Kit

To keep the XJR also calm at high spped and wide handlebars the steering damper is very important. It eleminates movement of the chassis but it is not a solution for all kind of chassis problems! The new Hyperpro RSC sttering damper is very sensitive and performs progrssive. That means with more damper movement it gets harder and during slow driving it is not to feel anymore. That is the characteristic of a good steering damper. The also still available more favourable CSC dampers have the same design but they perform linear that meams the damping does not get harder with more damper movement. Because the XJR does not kick with the handlebars like modern sport bikes even this steering damper is recommended for the XJR.

The damper cases are black, red, gold, polished, purple-dark-blue or gun-metal (titanium colored). With your order please specify the color of your steering damper, simple attach the color at the end of the order number (e.g. 14-1052-gold).




The bracket sets are gold anodized. This steering damper kit is chracterized through the mounting position under the triple clamp and above the cooler. Therefore the damper is very good protected in case of an accident.

Steering damper type RSC progressive. With German ABE Certificate.

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